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About FIMS

Fisheries Information Management System (FIMS) is an integrated web-based system that consists of a suite of integrated modules that collects, stores and displays all fisheries information giving it a unique competitive advantage over other fisheries information management systems. FIMS also features a range of apps designed for data collection. Parallel to FIMS is an industry user portal called iFIMS.

Our Modules

Modules available in FIMS

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Alerts are created in FIMS to assist with ongoing management and prompts for action for various areas of concern in FIMS. There are many Alerts that are available and can be created. All Alerts ...


Catch Documentation Scheme

The Port Sampling Section is used to monitor Electronic Reporting from Port Officers using the FIMS Android App for CDS as well as Catch Verification and Catch Certificate management. Display of a ra...



Summary information about the client, including the number of vessels that the Client operates, can be seen from the main screen.



The Compliance module is where compliance related investigations and information is stored and is updated by officers with a compliance related role. It is a complete case management system capturing...



The FIMS Dashboard allows for data and information that is currently available in FIMS to be organised and displayed in a graphical and visual format. It is an interactive tool that allows the user to...


Electronic Licence Registration

Electronic Licence Registration (ELR) applications are submitted by applicants through the iFIMS Industry Access Portal. The ELR Menu is where Licencing Officers review, process and issue a licence...


Emergency Control Centre

The ECC is used to manage SOS actions from personnel and would be accessed as a result of an Alert received by the user on email and/or text.


Fish Aggregating Device

The FAD module records and displays data regarding FAD buoys that have been registered in FIMS.


Observer & eObserver

The Observer module displays all data associated with an Observer.


Observer Trips

The Observer Trips module allows for investigation of the trips that have been conducted by the Observer to allow for cross referencing of information.



The Personal Communications Devices or PCDs module displays all information relating to the PCD allowing for the PCD to be tracked as well as the ability to communicate with the user.


Port Officer

The Port Officer module displays comprehensive data on a CDS Officer or a Port Sampling Officer and their Home Port and activities undertaken by them.


Port Sampling

The Port Sampling module is used to monitor Electronic Reporting from the Port Officers using the FIMS Android App for Port Sampling.



The reports module has a comprehensive array of Reports that are available to be generated from the data associated with FIMS.


Vessel Day Scheme

The Vessel Day Scheme (VDS) module is a complete fisheries management tool that allows for display and management of vessel day scheme data.


Vessel Trips

The Vessel Trips module is designed to monitor Electronic Reporting from the Vessels using the iFIMS for Catch and Effort and eCDS reporting.



Summary information about the vessel, such as the Status and Owner of a vessel, can be viewed on the main screen.