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Industry FIMS is utilised by industry for the management of fishing operations and for eReporting activities to relevant Fisheries Authorities. An iFIMS Android App allows vessels to lodge catch and other information such as positions, notices and observer requests to the iFIMS web portal. iFIMS industry users can then control the electronic lodgement of this data to appropriate Government Fisheries Authorities.

Our Modules

Modules available in Industry FIMS

Industry FIMS

Alerts and Notifications

The Display Alerts menu as shown below displays the registered Alerts for the user and associated client.

Industry FIMS

Asset Tracking System (ATS)

The ATS allows a user to track any asset (vessel, on board Observer, FAD) and have information displayed for that asset at last known position or by date range. In addition data can be overlaid on thr...

Industry FIMS


The eForms Menu provides a central location for the review and processing of all eForms for all the vessels in the fleet.

Industry FIMS

eForms Android App

The iFIMS Android App for Industry allows Vessels to electronically lodge catch and other information to the iFIMS Web Portal.

Industry FIMS

PNA FIMS Vessel day Scheme

The PNA FIMS menu is a link to the PNA FIMS Website, where a user is able to login to PNA FIMS and undertake activities and enter data in relation to VDS.

Industry FIMS


The Reports menu lists catch summary, licensing and registration status of all vessels relative to a company.

Industry FIMS

Vessel Trips

The Vessel Trips menu lists all vessel trips with Activity, Catch, and other information from the trip for the vessels.

Industry FIMS

Vessels and Client Registration

The Vessel Summary page lists all the applicable vessels and allows the user to view their details.



COVID-19 Operating Protocols
Updated: 5 September 2020

Minimising the risk of transmitting COVID-19 in the fisheries sector at sea and in ports in the Pacific.

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